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A software utility that allows you to practice tuning your mandolin, by offering you a wide range of styles and pitches to choose from

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Musical instruments are not all about hitting the notes in the right order, especially when it comes to acoustic guitars and other chord-based instruments. In fact, they constantly need to be tuned and adjusted to fit the desired sound patterns, in order to maintain the same sound every time they are played.

Tune your mandolin with a multitude of styles

Such is the case of the mandolin as well, and with the help of FreeMandolinTuner, you can learn how to take control of the way your chords sound each time they are plucked. The application provides you with a friendly environment in which you can switch between a wide range of pitches and styles for your instrument, as well as hear the variation with the help of the included sound samples.

To hit a note, you can press one of the available buttons displayed on the main interface, using a simple mouse click operation. There are four such buttons, one for each of the chords found on a mandolin. As for the pitches and different frequencies you can use, they can be accessed with the help of the intuitive dropdown menu, which displays a list of all the available modes.

Activate the repeat mode to keep playing the same note

Since the entire purpose of pitch variation is to notice the difference between each tuning option, the utility provides you with a way to keep plucking the same chord continuously, in order to hear the change in tune each time you switch styles. Unfortunately, you cannot program it to repeat multiple chords, nor record your sessions.

You can, however, choose from a wide range of pitches and frequencies, all of which are named according to the style they aim to emulate. Thus, you can tune your mandolin to sound the way it did during the Renaissance, or even as it is used in the New Berliner Philharmonic, as well as many other variations.

A simple and intuitive mandolin tuner

All in all, FreeMandolinTuner provides you with a useful service, as well as an easy way to tune your mandolin in a number of different ways. In addition, the entire procedure is presented in a cozy and intuitive environment, with simple and intuitive controls and without any other distractions to keep you from hearing the desired change in your instrument.

FreeMandolinTuner was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 18th, 2014
FreeMandolinTuner - You can pluck the four available chords and activate the repeat function from the main window of the application.FreeMandolinTuner - The available pitches and frequencies include a wide variety of styles, including Baroque, Scientific and Concert.

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