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User-friendly and portable program that helps you translate words between different languages, such as English, French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German, Spanish, Russian, and more

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Since people all over the world use Internet on a daily basis, you are bound to come across websites, news articles or blog posts written in languages other than your native one, so you need to translate it.

While there are several online services that can be used for translation, you can also try a desktop application that serves the same purpose: FreeTranslator.

The advantages of being portable

This software utility does not need to be installed onto your computer, so it does not create any registry entries or slow down your PC. You can simply store the folder to the location you choose, create a shortcut on the desktop and launch the application whenever you want to perform a translation.

Straightforward looks

The user interface is friendly and intuitive, as you simply need to enter the text you are interested in translating. By default, the tool comes with only a few dictionaries, but numerous additional ones can be downloaded from the developer homepage.

Set your favorite dictionary

If you regularly use a single source language and a target one, you can set this dictionary to be the favorite one, and it is automatically used with a single mouse click. Otherwise, you need to specify the source and target languages every time you start a translation.

Editing dictionary entries

Furthermore, you also get the possibility to edit these dictionaries by adding new words or modifying the existing ones should you detect a mistake or find a more comprehensive definition.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, this application can help you reduce the time it takes to complete a translation, be it for your homework or for web browsing. Once you download the dictionaries you need, you can even disconnect from the Internet and work offline.

FreeTranslator (Full Version) was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
FreeTranslator (Full Version) - FreeTranslator will provide users with support for many languages and is similar to Babylon TranslatorFreeTranslator (Full Version) - Users will be able to select between English-Italian and Italian-English for a start within the Select Dictionary menuFreeTranslator (Full Version) - The Dictionary Editor window will offer a list of options like New / Delete Word or Details

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