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A reliable and easy to use application that allows you to seamlessly tune the chords of a violin to various pitches and frequencies

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The process of tuning a chord instrument, such as the violin, usually involves several attempts, being based on trial and error. With the help of FreeViolinTuner, this can all be done interactively. This fun piece of software allows you to virtually tune the chords of a violin to various pitches and frequencies.

Creative violin tuner

The application provides you with a fun and interactive environment for tuning the chords of a virtual violin. You can click on each one and listen to the sound it makes. Furthermore, you can adjust the pitch and frequency to the one that better suits your instrument. This way, you are able to attune your violin regardless if the type of pitch it has.

For example, you can change the pitch and frequency of a violin to Baroque, Scientific, France1859, New Philharmonic, Concert Pitch, Boston Symphony Orchestra, New Berliner Philarmoniker, Old Berliner Philharmoniker or Renaissance, depending on the one you want to tune.

Interactive violin tuning utility that plays real sounds

FreeViolinTuner plays the sound of each chord just as it would be heard from an actual violin, regardless of the selected pitch and frequency. This can help you find out more about the way violins are attuned, as each pitch plays a slightly different sound.

In addition, you can use the repeat button to endlessly play a chord until you consider that you found the right pitch for it. By doing so, you can avoid having to use the mouse to repeatedly click on a chord until you find a proper pitch.

An overall good violin tuner

Although it lacks some of the characteristics of a computer program, such as keyboard mapping, as it was originally intended for mobile use, FreeViolinTuner still does its job, by allowing you to virtually tune a violin to the preferred pitches and frequencies.

FreeViolinTuner was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
FreeViolinTuner - FreeViolinTuner allows you to quickly tune the chords of a violin at various pitches.FreeViolinTuner - You can select the pitch of each chord and set it at various frequencies in just a couple of clicks.

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