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Based on the GAT concept, this application makes predictions for any lottery, with support for creating a custom game and importing history

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G.A.T. Engine is a software tool based on the Global Augmentative Tables in order to aid people in increasing their chances of winning the lottery, by making predictions based on detected “signatures.”

Hassle-free installation and clean interface

The setup process is a piece of cake as it does not offer to download any other third-party products and it is over in a jiffy. The interface you come across is pretty simple and clean, as it only consists of a menu bar, a few buttons and panes which display various information.

Comprehensive Help contents are integrated, a wizard is available for creating new lottery games, features which ensure that both power and novice users can easily work with it.

Create your own game and upload history files

The G.A.T. acronym stands for Global Augmentative Tables and it is a method of predicting the lottery numbers by analyzing past draws and detecting the “signature” or common characteristic. You can use the local lottery game provided by the developer (6/49) or you can create a custom one, by adjusting the total number of balls and the ones to be picked, and specifying how often the draws are.

History files can be imported from the hard drive, using a TXT or CSV extension, while you can also randomly draw six numbers and export all games to a TXT file.

Use an odds calculator and configuring other options

You should know that some prediction parameters have to be set up, namely the total real draws to be tested and total statistical data to be used. You can also choose whether to use an augmentative, absolute and build up mode to compute, or any available combination of the three. Minimum and maximum requested numbers, GATs to show per column and items to scan, and hits category range to compute are also subject to change.

Last but not least, an odds calculator is provided, which can help you see the probability of getting X correct numbers, by simply inputting the total numbers in the game, numbers drawn and amount of numbers selected by you.

Bottom line

In conclusion, G.A.T. Engine proves to be an efficient piece of software, dedicated to people who like playing the lottery, regardless of the country they live in. The interface is suitable to all users and the response time is good. Our tests did not reveal any errors, crashes or bugs, while CPU and memory usage is insignificant.

G.A.T. Engine was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on June 20th, 2014
G.A.T. Engine - By using G.A.T. Engine, you can calculate your odds of predicting the correct lottery numbers.G.A.T. Engine - From the Lottery menu integrated in G.A.T. Engine, you can manage the draw history.G.A.T. Engine - From the Functions menu of G.A.T. Engine, you can access the Odds Calculator window.G.A.T. Engine - screenshot #4G.A.T. Engine - screenshot #5G.A.T. Engine - screenshot #6G.A.T. Engine - screenshot #7G.A.T. Engine - screenshot #8G.A.T. Engine - screenshot #9G.A.T. Engine - screenshot #10G.A.T. Engine - screenshot #11

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