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A simple tool that will help you create a Soup of Letters

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Creating a word game is extremely easy nowadays and if it comes to creating a soup of letters than things are downright simple, provided that you have the right software application.

GeSoLe is a simple program designed specifically for the task of creating a Letter Soup game that makes available a myriad of letters apparently distributed randomly on the canvas but which hide a few words waiting to be discovered by the player.

Short installation, change the working language

The application does not take too long to install but the process is in Spanish. This should not be a problem though, since the operation does not stray away from the regular installation routine.

Once the main screen has loaded changing the working language can be easily done from the Action menu.

Simple looks

The interface presents an empty grid and you have to provide the words hidden in the matrix. This can be achieved with no problems from the options available in the right part of the application screen.

Each of the word added is included in the matrix and mixed with the other letters. Keep in mind that the words can be included diagonally, vertically, horizontally or written from right to left. All this combined with the 20 by 20 grid can make discovering them a very tricky task.

Customization of the letter grid

The configuration options for the letter matrix are not too versatile and feature only the possibility to modify the font style and type, its size as well as the color.

Additionally, the background color can be changed to one more appropriate to your needs thanks to the palette options included in the program.


GeSoLe is pretty simple, but some users might want a bit more flexibility in order to customize more aspects of the final result.

GeSoLe was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 23rd, 2014
GeSoLe - This is the main window of GeSoLe from where you can create a new "soup" of letters.GeSoLe - From this window of GeSoLe you can save or print the current graph.GeSoLe - The Configuration window allows you to change various settings of GeSoLe.

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