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An easy to use application that can help you keep the score at baseball matches and display it on a large screen, for audience convenience

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Golasso Baseball Scoreboard is a lightweight and useful application designed to help you keep score at baseball matches. It features a simple interface that resembles the electronic display of stadium scoreboards.

Dotted display

Whether you wish to keep the score for your local school baseball team or mark hits on a digital platform, Golasso Baseball Scoreboard can offer you an authentic feeling of professional score keeping boards. The application features a simple display with dotted letters and numbers, similar to the official scoreboards.

You can view the software in window mode or in full screen and easily modify the recorded number of hits, home runs or errors for the playing teams. You can easily score the number of balls that were player, the strikes as well as the outs count.

Mark teams

The software enables you to modify the name of the competing teams, that are displayed at the top of the board. Moreover, the application automatically marks the current day, according to the system time and date. This way, you can always be sure the date of the game is displayed correctly.

Each team’s score can easily be modified thanks to the dedicated buttons, increasing or decreasing the number of runs, hits and errors. Scores can be reset to null, in a second, by clicking the Zero button.

Display according to your own preferences

You can set the colors of each section of the scoreboard, as well as the color of the writing. You can view your score in white on black, green on black, yellow on navy blue and several other combinations.

The application’s Setup window enables you to modify the layout of the scoreboard, as well as instructs you on how to keep the score. You can use the dedicated buttons or the specified keyboard shortcuts.


Golasso Baseball Scoreboard is a simple application, that enables you to keep scores, being especially designed for baseball marks configuration. Increase or decrease the number of home runs, hits or errors with one click, while displaying the board on a large screen, for the audience to view it at any time.

Golasso Baseball Scoreboard was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 29th, 2014
Golasso Baseball Scoreboard - Golasso Baseball Scoreboard is a simple application designed to keep the score for baseball matches.Golasso Baseball Scoreboard - You can set the layout of the scoreboard, the colors for each section, window size and team names.

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