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You can use this simple and user-friendly application to countdown the play clock during basketball games, in order to speed up its pace

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Golasso Basketball Shot Clock is a simple and easy to use software utility designed for basketball players and timekeepers, which can be used on any computer or laptop to countdown the seconds before a player has to take a shot, otherwise risking penalties and losing the ball to the benefit of their adversary.

The shot clock, also known as play shot, is used in basketball mainly, but other sports as well, as a means of increasing the pace of the game and force players to either take a shot and score a field goal.

Following an uneventful installation process, you can launch the application and it allows you to choose the preferred 'Color Code' from the available options. The number inside each square is the code you need to input, while its background and text colors are the ones that will be used to display the clock.

Additionally, Golasso Basketball Shot Clock enables you to enter the amount of seconds before a player has to take a shot or score a field goal. Similarly, you can select a size from the seven options and choose whether to view the clock in full screen or windowed mode, however you prefer.

Moreover, the program allows you to opt for a 'Dot Matrix' or 'Block' number style, then activate or deactivate the display of command buttons in the clock screen. If you choose to hide them, you will need to remember the keyboard commands listed in the main window. When the clock reaches ten seconds, it will start to display the milliseconds as well, emitting a buzzing sound when the time runs out.

To summarize, Golasso Basketball Shot Clock is a useful tool that can be used by basketball players to practice their favorite game, including the fast pace and the pressure that comes with it, in order to improve their performance.

Golasso Basketball Shot Clock was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 15th, 2014
Golasso Basketball Shot Clock - Golasso Basketball Shot Clock is a simple tool designed for keeping track of time during basketball gamesGolasso Basketball Shot Clock - The total amount of seconds is user-definable and will be displayed in full screen

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