Google Translator+ (formerly Google translate)

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A very lightweight piece of software that can help you translate large text between a wide range of languages from all over the world

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Google translate is a straightforward application that is designed with the sole purpose of helping you perform text translation from one language to another. It still uses the popular Google way of translating so if you’re looking for grammatically correct translations, you won’t find much success.

A minimalistic and appealing interface

Google translate displays a user-friendly interface that should be easy to understand and use by just about anyone. The application doesn’t require any kind of installation and can be run immediately after you copy it to your hard drive.

It comes as a simple window with a few icons that are pretty much self explanatory but if it won’t be obvious to you, Google translate displays pop-ups with information about what they do.

Keyboard shortcuts for quick use

Google translate doesn’t offer a lot of features to work with but the few that it does provide make it a rather practical tool. With a click over the ‘Help’ icon the application displays a list of all the keyboard shortcuts which you can use to translate the text you need as well as perform some adjustments.

The application enables you to hide or show its main window with a key, translate the inserted text with another, automatically detect the source language and more.

A command that is especially useful and well thought out is the ability to translate text that has been previously inserted to Clipboard. This proves very handy for cases in which you’re screening a document for information and you just want bits and pieces. It’s easy to just select the text you need, copy it and with a press of a button it’s translated to the selected language.

Translate text to wide range of languages

In closing, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to translate large amounts of text between any widespread language, then you can certainly try Google translate.

Google Translator+ (formerly Google translate) was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 10th, 2014
Google Translator+ (formerly Google translate) - Google Translator+ enables you to translate text form one language to another without using dedicated online services.

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