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Using this application you can calculate various equations and create their graph that you can print or export to JPEG or PNG files

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With the help of Graphmatica you can create plots from equations. It features numerical and calculus options that can be easily configured.

The interface is based on a standard window with an intuitive structure, where all you have to do is write a mathematical equation in a dialog and press Enter to plot it.

Graphmatica provides several templates that you can work with (GR format). You can merge the selected file with the current graphs, as well as ask the tool to graph all equations after loading.

It is possible to copy graphs to BMP or EMF format (color or monochrome), copy tables and equations, hide or delete graphs, zoom in and out, as well as specify the grid range.

Other options of Graphmatica let you view and edit point tables, the data plot editor, variables panel, and graph paper properties (e.g. background graph paper type, grid detail level and decorations), adjust the theta range for polar graphing, numerically evaluate a point's coordinates, find intersections between two curves, edit functions and constants, perform numerical integration, and more.

The application is light on the system resources, using a minimal amount of CPU and RAM. It is very responsive to commands and does not hang, crash or pop up error messages. All in all, Graphmatica comes in handy to math students and anyone who wants to plot equations.

Graphmatica was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on December 2nd, 2014
Graphmatica - Graphmatica allows you to perform various calculations and it displays them in a graph.Graphmatica - The application offers you the possibility to save your calculation project, as well as open a previously created one.Graphmatica - You can save your graph to a JPG or PNG file and you can also insert special characters to your equations.GraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmaticaGraphmatica

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