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With this user-friendly application you may easily teach yourself how to play guitar, practice with chords, learn theory and compose songs

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GuitarChordsLite is a reliable application designed to assist you in learning how to play the guitar even with no previous experience. The software allows you to learn both musical theory, to get accustomed with the genuine sound of the guitar chords and to practice playing the instrument.

Learn music theory as guitar chords

The software displays the chords you can reproduce with the guitar, in individual boxes, that you can easily select and analyze. The chords correspond to musical notes from the major tonality and include simple sounds, as well as the sharp or flat versions.

Selecting a certain chord displays multiple graphic representations, such as the TAB mode and the pressure points indicated on the strings. Moreover, the application offers a photo of the correct hand position on the fingerboard. Additionally, every time you select a chord, the software can play the correspondent sound, rendered with the guitar.

Play and practice with guitar songs

The guitar is a highly versatile musical instrument that can play a wide variety of music genres, from folk, pop or jazz, to rock and blues. Learning how to play guitar is made easy with GuitarChordsLite, since it offers you comprehensive tools for practicing. Not only does it indicate the correct placement of the hand on the fretboard of the instrument, but it also renders the sound that would be played with a guitar.

Moreover, you may select several chords and add them to the favorites collection, in order to create a sound sequence. The chords in the Favorites collection can be the difficult ones that you need to practice more intensely, or simply an original musical composition.

Play guitar from beginner to advanced in a short time

With GuitarChordsLite, you can teach yourself how to play the guitar even if you have never tried it before. The software offers you both the theoretical and technical knowledge that you need in order to learn how to play the instrument in a short time. You may practice with difficult note sequences or songs, save the compositions and load them again at any time.

GuitarChordsLite was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 22nd, 2014
GuitarChordsLite - GuitarChordsLite is a simple to use application that enables you to learn how to play guitar, by yourself, in a short time.GuitarChordsLite - The software enables you to study the chords, their name, TAB representation and correct hand position on the fretboard.GuitarChordsLite - With GuitarChordsLite, you can easily learn how to play guitar, as well as compose and render original songs.

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