HP0-M31 - HP Quality Center 10.0 Software

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A useful and powerful prepkit for the HP0-M31 exam, allowing candidates to thoroughly prepare for the HP Quality Center certification

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HP0-M31 - HP Quality Center 10.0 Software is a powerful preparation kit aimed at candidates studying for the HP0-M31 exam.

It is oriented towards the candidate, providing a reliable simulation platform that allows one to familiarize with the questions specific to such an exam before they actually take it.

The HP0-M31 test certifies that an individual possesses the know-how necessary to properly manage and administer HP Quality Center related issues.

This prepkit delivers an exam environment that can help candidates to assess their level of knowledge through a series of single-choice and multiple-choice questions that can be navigated easily via the Next and Previous buttons.

There are only ten questions included in the package, this being a demo limitation. An extensive set of tests become available by purchasing the product.

The candidate can choose between two testing modes: practice or certification; the difference between them is that the latter comes alongside a countdown timer that limits the interval allocated for the exam.

Once the test has been carried out, the user is provided with a report that displays their achievement against the required score, allowing for a clear visualization of the final grade.

Attached to the installer is a PDF file that contains the ten questions together with the answers. Alternatively, the program features a button that allows you to view the correct answer to each question while you’re practicing.

All in all, HP0-M31 - HP Quality Center 10.0 Software can come in really handy when practicing for the HP Quality Center exam. However, there are only ten questions in the demo version, which is very little.

HP0-M31 - HP Quality Center 10.0 Software was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 13th, 2013
HP0-M31 - HP Quality Center 10.0 Software - This is the main window of the application where you will be able to start taking exams.HP0-M31 - HP Quality Center 10.0 Software - This is how the application will display the questions you need to answer.HP0-M31 - HP Quality Center 10.0 Software - In this window of the application, you can view your score compared to the required one.HP0-M31 - HP Quality Center 10.0 Software - You can customize the Options of the application using the designated window.

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