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A software utility that uses horse racing as a fun method of teaching children about statistics and various other related mathematical concepts

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In order for children to learn complicated concepts like randomness and statistics, they must be integrated into a fun activity, usually one with some graphical appeal. Hence, the aforementioned subjects can be much easier to grasp if they are presented in the form of an animated horse racing simulator.

Teach your children statistics and probability

Hands On Horse Racing is a software utility that enables you to teach your children basic concepts about probability, statistics and randomness, by betting on racing horses and analyzing the outcome. Thus, beside statistics, they can also learn multiplication, which is used to calculate the total payouts or losses.

In addition, the utility also provides them with a lesson in Quinella bets, which is a system used in horse betting that requires the player to choose two horses at once. If these horses come in first and second, regardless of their order, they are considered winners. In the case of such bets, the payout is the same for both of the possible outcomes.

View a simple race animation

In order to sparkle the interests of the younger audiences, the application also displays an animation of the ongoing race, with all of the available horses competing against each other on the computer monitor. Although it is a rather basic and crude rendering, it does make the experience mode enjoyable and it provides your children with a way to cheer for their chosen horse.

As far as the algorithms behind the simulation are concerned, Hands On Horse Racing delivers true randomness when it comes to the winning horse, so that it can be used for accurate statistics calculations and probability demonstrations. Thus, it is not possible to pick-up patterns or anticipate the race results beforehand.

A useful and fun educational utility

In the end, Hands On Horse Racing has a friendly approach on mathematics, which can appeal to children and encourage them to learn about probability and random odds. In addition, the simple race animation makes the entire experience more enjoyable and more like game-like.

Hands On Horse Racing was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
Hands On Horse Racing - You can place bets and view the available payouts into the main window of the application.Hands On Horse Racing - The Tips & Settings section allows you to launch the application in windowed mode and view your financial situation.

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