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A useful and user-friendly software utility that comes in handy if you want to learn about the new features and functions in Windows 8.1

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When Windows 8 was released, it represented a great change compared to the operating systems they were accustomed to.

Windows 8.1 did not bring any major UI modifications compared to Windows 8, yet there were still many users who upgraded their old OS directly to 8.1, skipping Windows 8. In order to help them get accommodated with the new OS, Microsoft released a dedicated app called Help+Tips.

Get familiarized with the Start Screen of Windows 8.1

The application comes packed with some OS flavors, but it can also be downloaded separately by everyone with a few mouse click.

The utility is meant to help users learn about most new features, such as Start Screen and Modern apps, since these are the ones that people find it most difficult to work with. Due to Help+Tips, you get a clear and straightforward explanation regarding the purpose and functionality of Modern apps.

View pictures and watch brief animations for each new function

Considering the main goal of Help+Tips is to make it easier for everyone to understand and use the many novelties of Windows 8.1, it includes not only pictures depicting the functions, but also some brief clips.

Due to these animations, you can see how easy it is to access the Charms Bar, switch between running programs, run Modern apps side by side or close them, while also learning where you can find the recently accessed software.

A nifty collection of resources for getting accustomed to Windows 8.1

The main advantage of Help+Tips for Windows 8.1 is that it can be used just as efficiently by the novices and tech-savvy users alike. You can watch a clip over and over again until you are sure you understood the function, or you can simply view it once, then dismiss it and move on to another one.

Additionally, depending on the device you are using, you get tips and tricks especially created for desktop computers or touchscreen-enabled devices.

Help+Tips for Windows 8.1 was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
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