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The Hidden Treasure of Al-Qur'an is an important, welcoming work of in-depth scholarship and a desire to seek out Allah's nature





Hidden Treasure of al Quran consists of 3 main parts, 25 chapters which deals with heresy conclusion, interviews and bibliography.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu through innumerable quotations vivid instances, irrefutable examples has proved that Allah is both - Corporeal and Incorporeal. The talented and judicious researcher has been able to arrange Mahaprabhus examples and instances in a systematic manner and tried to prove the great saints conclusion.

But in the Muslim world most of the religious scholars are not ready to recognize that Allah has any form. Whatever the opinion, it has been specifically stated in the Holy Quran that Allah is as much manifested as unmanifested, as Beginning as well as the End. So if we regard Him as manifested, then how is He without a form.
Last updated on July 26th, 2006
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