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An easy to use English to Hindi Transliterator with an included editor that enables you to write text in Hindi using the standard English keyboard

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HindiTrans is a full-featured transliteration utility that can be of assistance to anyone who is working in Hindi or to those who intend on learning this language. Ease of use, together with the built-in text editor makes it a handy tool for writing Hindi text using an English keyboard.

The main advantage of the application is that it enables you to type phonetically in English and instantly generates the corresponding Hindi text.

You can choose between multiple Hindi fonts to use in the transliteration process, but the font can also be changed after the text is written. No special Hindi font needs to be installed for transliteration. Basic editing options are provided, so you can cut, copy and paste text from and to other applications.

HindiTrans comes with an editable word list that allows you to create your own collection of frequently used words and insert them into your text with a single click. With every keystroke, the transliterated text is instantly updated and the application offers you suggestions for words and phonetic groups as you type.

In order to ease your work even more, a Hindi keypad is included, which can be used for typing a character automatically by using the mouse cursor.

With a button’s click, the application enables you to clear the whole text, save it to your computer for later use or print it.

All these options are comprised in a compact and intuitive interface, which provides a pleasant working environment and fast access to all the options.

Designed with simplicity in mind, HindiTrans is designed to help both translators and students to type Hindi text much easier and faster, without having to install a virtual keypad or worrying about where the letters are situated on the English keyboard.

HindiTrans was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 30th, 2013
HindiTrans - The main window of HindiTrans allows you to enter English phonetic text and outputs the corresponding Hindi words.HindiTrans - In the Word List you can define English to Hindi transliterations for the program.HindiTrans - The Settings panel allows you to choose the font for Hindi Trans.

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