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A simple and intuitive application whose main purpose consists of verifying your knowledge of Java, by asking you a series of questions

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Java - Quiz is a lightweight and very simple to understand piece of software which aims to assist you in verifying your knowledge of the programming language by taking various test with multiple-choice questions.

No setup needed

In order to function, the utility requires Adobe Flash Player to be installed on the system, otherwise needing no installation process for you to work with it.

As such, you can easily take it with you and use it on all compatible systems, from a USB stick or other similar memory devices, leaving no trace on the host computer when done.

Verify your Java knowledge by answering multiple-choice tests

Java - Quiz is made up of thirty different tests, each comprising twenty multiple-choice questions. Every time you run the tool, you can enter your name, after which you need to choose the ‘Time’ duration for each assignment, being able to opt between ‘Free’, ‘10 Minutes’, ‘30 Minutes’ or more.

To select the test you want to practice, you simply need to click on the corresponding number and it will automatically start, allowing you to answer the questions you know by clicking on the corresponding letter. If some of them are too difficult, you can skip them and move on to the next, particularly if you are working against the clock.

When you have completed the assignment or you no longer want to continue, you can click on the ‘Done’ button, instantly displaying your results and the number of correct and incorrect answers, along with the percentage of success.

An intuitive instrument for checking your Java knowledge

To sum it up, Java - Quiz is a useful and easy to handle application meant to help you test your familiarity of Java, so you can determine if you master the field or if you require additional study.

Java - Quiz was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
Java - Quiz - The main window of Java - Quiz allows you to choose the test you want to take and the duration in minutesJava - Quiz - For each test, you will need to answer a series of twenty multiple-choice questionsJava - Quiz - When you are done, the utility will inform you of the number of correct and wrong answers

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