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A beginner's astrology application especially designed for those who are passionate about Indian astrology and the Jyotish system

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Designed for Indian astrology aficionados, Junior Jyotish provides you with an intuitive application that uses the principles of the Parashara in order to help you understand the traditional Hindu system of astrology and astronomy. Also, the program includes System’s Approach analysis elements, widely known as a great method for learning Jyotish.

The main interface is simple and intuitive, providing fast access to calculations, tables and interpretive reports. The application can generate a horoscope chart based on a few details about the person, such as the first and the last name, the birth time, date and place (for accuracy reasons, exact coordinates are required).

Two types of horoscope charts are supported, namely the North Indian yantra style and the South Indian box style chart. The color-coded chart option displays the malefic planets in red, the weak ones on yellow and the strong ones in green. Actually, Junior Jyotish generates a complete System’s Approach analysis, based on the user details, enabling you to view the placement of each planet, its transit speed and the influence on your zodiacal sign.

In addition to this, the application displays information about the dasha patterns and the planetary periods, which tell you which planets rule your life at a particular time. Divisional charts are also displayed, allowing you to determine the sources of influence associated with your sign.

Also, you can use this program to learn about celestial navigation by viewing a list of the ephemerides for your location.

The generated charts and tables can be exported to plain text or CSV format or printed directly from the application.

All in all, Junior Jyotish comes in handy for any beginner astrologer who intends to study the Indian astrology principles and beliefs, but also for practitioners who want to improve their skills.

Jyotish Junior was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on July 24th, 2013
Jyotish Junior - From the main window of Junior Jyotish you can view various information and charts regarding Indian astrology.Jyotish Junior - From the File menu users have the ability to export charts as Text or as CSV files.Jyotish Junior - In the Edit menu you will be able to access the Chart Data or Set Prasna Location.Jyotish JuniorJyotish JuniorJyotish JuniorJyotish Junior

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