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This lightweight and intuitive application can assist you in successfully synchronizing your songs with lyrics, in just a few simple moves

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Karaoke Lyrics Editor is a useful and efficient piece of software whose main purpose is to provide you with the ability of synchronizing the lyrics of your songs to the sound of the actual music file.

The tool is fairly simple to install, while its straight-forward interface along with the tips and help bubbles make it approachable even for those who have no experience with similar applications.

Karaoke Lyrics Editor allows you to load the song you want to work with and input the lyrics by hand, from clipboard, or open a LRC format file, which will contain all the required data.

If you choose to add the words manually, you will also have to add the time tags at the beginning and end of each line, including the minutes, seconds and milliseconds when that specific lines starts or finishes. You can simply click on 'Insert Mark' and input the time corresponding to each line.

Thanks to the 'Validate Lyrics' function, you can quickly find out if you used the correct form for synchronizing the words to the song or if there is a mistake. Additionally, it indicates where you can find the error and how to correct it. When everything is in check, you will be given the green light.

Moreover, Karaoke Lyrics Editor allows you to 'Test Lyrics', meaning you can hear the song being played and the words being displayed at the same time, then decide if the time tags are set in the correct position or if they require further adjusting.

Other options include the ability to insert pictures, color changes or videos, as well as trim the whitespace. When you are done, you can save the project to KLEPROJ or export it to CDG format.

To conclude, Karaoke Lyrics Editor is an interesting and user-friendly program that enables you to get ready for your karaoke parties by synchronizing the lyrics to your favorite songs and preparing them for use.

Karaoke Lyrics Editor was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 6th, 2014
Karaoke Lyrics Editor - The main window of the application gives you access to all the player controls.Karaoke Lyrics Editor - You can access and use the Undo and Redo functions from the integrated Edit menu.Karaoke Lyrics Editor - This is how you can import a lyric file or validate your lyrics using the Project menu.Karaoke Lyrics Editor - screenshot #4Karaoke Lyrics Editor - screenshot #5Karaoke Lyrics Editor - screenshot #6Karaoke Lyrics Editor - screenshot #7Karaoke Lyrics Editor - screenshot #8Karaoke Lyrics Editor - screenshot #9Karaoke Lyrics Editor - screenshot #10

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