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With this simple and reliable program, you can assess the typing skills of data entry employees or improve your own speed and accuracy

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Keyboarding Skills Test is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software created to provide you with a reliable means of evaluating the typing abilities of data entry personnel, while also offering you the means of improving their shortcomings with constant practice.

Simple yet practical interface

Subsequent to a quick and uneventful installation process, you can launch the program and begin working it it right away, as it truly requires no prior experience with such tools in order to understand its functioning.

The main window features a set of buttons corresponding to the tests and practice activities that you can perform, allowing you to click on the targeted option, input your name (so it can be included in the results), then begin writing.

Choose the preferred mode and start typing

Keyboarding Skills Test offers four different work options, both for evaluation and for practice purposes, enabling you to use the ‘Numeric Real’ or ‘Numeric Practice Mode’, the ‘Alphanumeric Real’ or the ‘Alphanumeric Practice Mode’, the ‘Alpha Real’ or the ‘Alpa Practice Mode’, as well as the ‘Typing Real’ or the ‘Typing Practice Mode’.

For the two ‘Numeric’ modes, you will only be required to input numbers in a user-definable amount of time, measuring your speed and accuracy when the previously-set period expires, informing you of the amount of errors you have made.

In the ‘Alphanumeric’ modes, you need to type numbers, people’s names and addresses, while by selecting ‘Alpha’, you only have to enter names. Moreover, the ‘Typing’ modes will have you writing lengthier pieces of text, estimating the time it took you to type it all as well as the level of correctness.

Handy typing instructor

To sum it up, Keyboarding Skills Test is a reliable and easy to use application meant to serve a double purpose, helping you improve your typing skills on the one hand while assessing how fast and how well you manage to write on the computer, on the other hand.

Keyboarding Skills Test was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 24th, 2014
Keyboarding Skills Test - The main window of Keyboarding Skills Test allows you to choose the practice or test modes that you preferKeyboarding Skills Test - In the Name Information window, you can enter the first and last name that you want to display in the results windowKeyboarding Skills Test - You can take a test in numeric mode, so you can see the how many items you can write in a given amount of timeKeyboarding Skills Test - screenshot #4Keyboarding Skills Test - screenshot #5Keyboarding Skills Test - screenshot #6Keyboarding Skills Test - screenshot #7Keyboarding Skills Test - screenshot #8Keyboarding Skills Test - screenshot #9Keyboarding Skills Test - screenshot #10

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