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An application that can help you monitor your kids' activity on the computer, no matter if they browse the web, chat or write an email

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All parents and tutors want to make sure that children are safe while browsing the web, without it seeming that they are nosey or intrusive. This is why applications like KidLogger Pro were created.

The application runs in the background, so youngsters will not even know they are being monitored, and adults can also password-protect access to the application. Furthermore, in order to make a change to the settings of KidLogger Pro, administrative privileges are required, so if children has restricted accounts, they will not be able to disable the app.

The application can be used to log all keystrokes, websites’ URLs and instant messaging chats so as to ensure that the kids do not engage in conversations with strangers or accidentally open webpages that are inappropriate for their age. Skype video calls can also be logged by taking a screenshot every 30 seconds or less, as configured by the adult.

Additionally, parents can also log the activity of USB drives, as well as the usage of files and folders on the computer. This could come in handy to monitor if they open suspicious files from someone else’s USB, as they might be infected with malware.

In addition, if the host computer is a laptop or if it has a microphone connected to it, KidLogger Pro can record voice and sounds from the vicinity of the PC. A desktop snapshot can also be captured on a regular basis, thus helping parent make sure their kids are actually doing homework rather than playing.

The captured logs can be stored on the computer to the location chosen by the adults and they can review them whenever they want, then have a talk with the children, if needed.

All in all, KidLogger Pro can come in handy for all parents who worry about the safety of their children while browsing the web, and those looking for additional functions can upgrade to a paid plan.

KidLogger Pro was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on June 22nd, 2015
KidLogger Pro - KidLogger will help you quickly and easily keep watch on your kid's activity on the computerKidLogger Pro - The Options window will provide users with General, E-mail, Sound recorder or Screen capture settings customization capabilities.KidLogger Pro - This is how you can use the following tab to select the connection method you want to use.KidLogger Pro - You can enable the voice activated recorder from the following tab of KidLogger Pro.KidLogger Pro - You can set the application to automatically capture Skype video calls and the current active window.

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