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A handy application that allows you to quickly switch on and off various electrical devices, controlling them through the LPT-port

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Remotely controlling electrical appliances can increase your comfort level, as well as your productivity. Based on this premises, LPT_Switch was developed as a responsive tool that helps you control several electrical appliances, by individually switching them on or off. This can be done in a couple of ways using the properties of the LPT port.

Robust device controller

The application can help you individually command several electronic devices, either by remotely using the phone keypad of a voice modem connected to your computer. Alternately, you can use the client utility to remotely control these devices from any machine connected to your main computer’s network.

The LPT port, commonly referred as parallel port helps you connect peripheral devices to your computer. Using it, the program can switch on and off several electronic device connected to your computer. This can be seen as a tool for interfacing with household appliances.

Handy electronic device switcher

LPT_Switch can help you individually set up each connected device, by separately accessing its settings. On top of that, you can write custom scripts and use them to handle device behavior.

Each pin from a parallel port can have a device connected to it, and the application uses these pins and sensors to switch devices either on or off. Furthermore, you can control the main application from any other machine connected to your network, on which you have installed the remote client utility.


All in all, LPT_Switch can be used as a virtual remote for your electrical appliances, allowing you to individually switch them on or off. The application requires some technical knowledge to be correctly used, and it might seem quite confusing to users that do not possess such knowledge, although, once you get in the hang of it, you can easily control your electronic household devices.

LPT_Switch was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 25th, 2014
LPT_Switch - LPT_Switch allows you to remotely control electrical appliances using the pins of the LPT-port.LPT_Switch - screenshot #2LPT_Switch - From the Controller tab, you can use scripts to set actions for various electrical devices.LPT_Switch - By accessing the LPT port tab, you can set individual actions for each script command line.LPT_Switch - screenshot #5LPT_Switch - screenshot #6LPT_Switch - screenshot #7LPT_Switch - screenshot #8LPT_Switch - screenshot #9LPT_Switch - screenshot #10LPT_Switch - screenshot #11LPT_Switch - screenshot #12LPT_Switch - screenshot #13LPT_Switch - screenshot #14

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