Lantiv Timetabler

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Manage your school schedule with the interactive Lantiv Timetabler software.




Lantiv Timetabler is an automatic and interactive scheduling software for an elementary, middle and high school, college and university.

Lantiv Timetabler will allow you to define the exact constraints which the timetable needs to fulfill.
Here are some key features of "Lantiv Timetabler":

Data Entry
■ Database
■ Activities and Sets

Interactive Mode
■ Timetabling Workspace
■ Scheduling Activities
■ Moving and Deleting Cells
■ Conflicts During Scheduling
■ Blocking out Cells
■ Who is Free? Window
■ Where is Free? Window
■ View Settings

Automatic Mode
■ Constraints
■ Fixating Cells
■ Automatic Timetabling Engine
■ Automatic Preferences Window

Reporting and Printing
■ Printing the Timetable
■ Reporting Module
Last updated on July 26th, 2007
Lantiv Timetabler - The Database panel is where you can enter information about your school, such as groups, students, teachers, lessons, rooms, equipment, activities, days and conflictsLantiv Timetabler - The Interactive Timetable enabling you to dragging and dropping activities, moving and deleting cells, blocking cells, resolving conflictsLantiv Timetabler - The Constraints window will allow you to manage all the rules and requirements that needs to be fulfilled in the timetableLantiv Timetabler - The Reports panel will let you create reports and statistics that you can print, customize and even display charts.Lantiv Timetabler - The Reports Settings panel is where you can sort the columns, manage the way the groups are treated in reports and select the fonts

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