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This simple and intuitive application is aimed at children, as it provides them with interesting painting instruments to let their imagination run wild

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Little Painter is a lightweight and easy to handle piece of software whose main function is to provide children with a fun drawing tool, enabling them to use their creativity in interesting ways.

Benefits in working with a portable utility

After downloading the application, users can simply double-click it and it will run without an installation process, letting them work with it right away.

This means that the tool can be placed on a USB Flash drive or other portable memory devices, allowing children to use it on any computer they want, both at home and at school, with the least amount of effort.

In addition, it will leave no registry traces on the system that Little Painter is used on, so it can be easily removed by erasing it from the PC.

Colorful and intuitive interface

The program features a very brightly-colored interface, with lots of instruments to choose from on the left side of the window. On the right side, kids can choose the colors they wish to paint with, while on the lower edge, they can adjust the brush size to meet their requirements.

The components provided by Little Painter include 'Coloring' images which children can fill in with their favorite shades, 'Pencil', 'Brush' and 'Line' utilities which enable users to draw freehand. Moreover, they can use the 'Text' function to apply words or sentences onto their painting.

The 'Fill' instrument allows children to color well-determined areas in their picture with a single block of color, while the 'Eraser' enables them to remove certain elements from the image.

Similarly, they can apply geometrical 'Shapes', or they can use various 'Stamps' and image 'Effects' to perform 'Reversal of Colors', 'Colorization', 'Dimming', 'Antialiasing' and several other operations. Optionally, an image can be converted to its coloring equivalent, which users can then work on.

Fun kids' painting application

To conclude, Little Painter is a handy and user-friendly program that can assist children in their drawing endeavors, offering them the proper tools to create original pictures.

Little Painter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 18th, 2014
Little Painter - The main window of Little Painter allows users to open an existing image or create a new pictureLittle Painter - From the Coloring Pages window, users can select a black and white drawing which they can fill inLittle Painter - The Text tab enables users to apply a watermark onto their picture, using a preferred fontLittle Painter - screenshot #4Little Painter - screenshot #5Little Painter - screenshot #6Little Painter - screenshot #7Little Painter - screenshot #8

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