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Create complex or simple digital logic circuits and test their validity with this intuitive application, using the wide collection of components that it features

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Logisim is an open source computer program that allows you to create and simulate digital logic circuits. It’s a straightforward tool that is aimed for use in schools and universities as it provides the means to create both simple educational circuits, as well as complex ones.

A tool well suited for anyone

Logisim displays a graphical user interface which makes it easy to understand and use if you have basic knowledge in electronics and circuitry. From the main window you are able to access all of its features and tools, and since the app doesn’t even need installing, you’re ready to get started with it immediately after you copy it to your computer.

As you would expect, the workspace is comprised from a generous drawing space, an easy to explore library and a toolbar that contains project simulation commands and configuration options.

Component rich library

Though small in stature, Logisim doesn’t compromise when it comes to components. It contains a large library of tools and components that you need in order to create circuits. They come grouped into categories such as ‘Wiring’, ‘Gates’, ‘Plexers’, ‘Arithmetic’, ‘Memory’, ‘Input/Output’ and ‘Base’, and can be inserted into the canvas area by a simple means of drag and drop.

Each component that you add to the circuit can be repositioned every time it is required and its properties customized accordingly. If at some point you encounter a component you don’t recognize or are unfamiliar with its technical details, Logisim comes with extremely detailed documentation that can help you overcome any issue.

Design and simulate logic circuits

Logisim enables you to effortlessly draw circuits, simulate their use and view color coded wires that can indicate the presence of errors. Moreover, once you've successfully created your simulation it can be exported in GIF format and shared with colleagues or inserted into various projects.

With the above in mind and a lot more to discover in the details, Logisim can easily pass for a practical and efficient learning tool.

Logisim was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 25th, 2014
Logisim - You can start designing a new circuit and insert additional components from the main window of Logisim.Logisim - The Project menu enables you to view the simulation tree and analyze the circuit.Logisim - Users can reset the simulation and customize the tick frequency from the designated menu of Logisim.Logisim - screenshot #4Logisim - screenshot #5Logisim - screenshot #6Logisim - screenshot #7

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