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An intuitive an efficient application that can fetch a comprehensive report on lunar phases, moon table, equinox and solstice dates

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Lunar Tracker is an application designed for astrologers, students and virtually any user that wants to get a complete overview of the moon activity.

It is able to fetch a full report on lunar phases, moon age, solunar angle, new / full moon details, as well as dates for the future equinox and solstice, using the current date as reference.

The application does not require installation, and can be run as is, as soon as you’ve decompressed the download archive. As far as appearance is concerned, Lunar Tracker adopts a simple GUI, with very few commands encased in a single menu.

Most of the main window is reserved for the report, which is retrieved as soon as you launch it. The program automatically detects your time zone and the local time, but not your current location. Instead, you will have to manually specify your whereabouts using a dedicated dialog.

The report includes a generous array of details related to moon activity, such as age of the moon, its phase, lunar day, moon distance, day length (for your current location), last new moon date, last and first quarter, fool moon and next new moon information, as well as when the next equinox and solstice will occur.

Also, there are two interesting functions, namely Fast Forward and Super Fast Forward, which allow you to travel in the future (if we may say that), so as to view the moon evolution for the next days.

All in all, Lunar Tracker is a user-oriented application that can give you a full overview on the moon activity. On the downside, there’s no possibility to save the report.

Lunar Tracker was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 16th, 2014
Lunar Tracker - The main window of Lunar Tracker presents a comprehensive overview of lunar phases.Lunar Tracker - Lunar Tracker allows users to fast forward the time in order to reveal the lunar evolution for the future.Lunar Tracker - Lunar Tracker allows users to set a custom location using a simple dialog.

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