MB Free Tibetan Astrology 1.90

Will calculate your Tibetan zodiac sign depending on your birth date, thus helping you to improve yourself.

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MB Free Tibetan Astrology - The main window of MB Free Tibetan Astrology where you will be able to enter your name and date of birth.MB Free Tibetan Astrology - The result window of MB Free Tibetan Astrology where you will be able to view your tibetan sun sign, or tibetan animal sign.
MB Free Tibetan Astrology application was designed to be an advanced yet easy-to-use tool that will determine your Tibetan zodiac sign from your date of birth. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the Tibetan Sun Sign and the Tibetan Animal Sign. Moreover, it helps you understand your personality and improve yourself for the better.

In Tibet, astrology is considered to be one of the five traditional sciences. Tibetan Astrology originated around 1000 years ago and it has its roots in several other traditions: Indian, Chinese, Buddhism and even the local Bon religion. This form of astrology can broadly be divided into two parts: the 'Naktsi' and the 'Kartsi' astrology. The 'Naktsi' astrology has its origin in Chinese astrology; whereas the 'Kartsi' astrology has its origin in Indian or Western astrology.

During the early ages, in the remote villages, the Tibetan astrologers, based on their psychic powers used to advise people on nearly everything ranging from weather forecasts to harvesting times and from marriages to making important business deals. This made astrology an indispensable factor in their day to day lives. It must however be noted that Tibetan astrology is not only linked to religion and is studied by astrologers, but even the ancient Tibetan medical practitioners used to study astrology for the purpose of determining the timing of medication, the nature of diseases etc.

Tibetan astrology is a combination of the Western and the Chinese Astrology. As such, the twelve Sun Signs of the Tibetan Astrology are similar to that of the twelve zodiacs of the Western Astrology; while the twelve Tibetan Animal Signs resemble the Chinese zodiac.

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Last updated on December 30th, 2008

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