MHX Classroom Helper 3.0

A simple and colorful application designed to assist you in managing your class of students, mark attendances, award points or monitor activities

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What's new in MHX Classroom Helper 3.0:

  • Includes a hot lunch menu, classroom timer, an interactive calendar
  • The free version allows users to add 15 students to a roster
  • Does not have a time restriction
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MHX Classroom Helper - MHX Classroom Helper is a simple and colorful application designed to assist you in managing your class of students.MHX Classroom Helper - MHX Classroom Helper can act as a countdown or as a timer and assist you at limited time activities or quizzes.MHX Classroom Helper - The software enables you to easily manage the class, mark attendances or absences and award points for participation.MHX Classroom HelperMHX Classroom HelperMHX Classroom HelperMHX Classroom HelperMHX Classroom HelperMHX Classroom HelperMHX Classroom HelperMHX Classroom HelperMHX Classroom Helper
MHX Classroom Helper is an easy to use and fun looking software designed to assist you in managing a classroom of students. You can mark attendances or absences, award points for participation or good behavior, as well as create multiple rosters.

Managing students’ performances

You can create multiple rosters for different activities, such as the awards bank, sign in for attendance or the literacy station tracker. A roster can contain a custom number of students, according to the activities they enrol to. Usually, the roster contains all the students in a class.

You can easily mark time outs or strike outs by dragging and dropping the name tags to one of the dedicated boxes. In the Bank, you can add points individually or to the entire class, mark attendance or absence, award stars or sign a student in for the day.

There are also rewards you can give to the students for their performance, such as create the list of point leaders, assign a special color to their name tags or select a random student for a lucky ticket.

Teacher's assistant

Aside from managing students’ attendances or performances, you can use MHX Classroom Helper as a countdown clock for timed activities, such as team work or tests. Alternatively, you can use the clock function as a timer.

The sound board or the weather game do not require that you create a roster. The hot meal menu can also be adjusted without creating a students’ list. You can set the meal names and prices for the current week as well as the next days to come.

Monitor students sign in

A student is automatically signed in for the classes on a certain day if they simply arrive at school. You can mark them absent if they have a slip or a bus note, or not signed in if they do not show up or have an excuse.


MHX Classroom Helper is a simple application that enables you to monitor your classroom’s activities, performance and attendance, in a friendly interface, designed to appeal to students. The colorful layout and the award system can motivate students to participate in class activities and improve their competitiveness.

MHX Classroom Helper was reviewed by , last updated on June 10th, 2014

Runs on: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit

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