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A handy dictionary packed with various words that display meaning, synonyms and verb conjugations in several languages between which you can easily switch

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Cultural differences are amongst the aspects that make us feel unique on this world, not only as an individual but also as a nation. With more than two hundred countries, each with its own language and writing style developed through the course of countless years, it's incredibly difficult to learn more languages. This is where applications like MLD – Multi Language Dictionary come in handy, letting you quickly search for meaning and form of words in various languages.

Can be used on the go

Just like taking an actual dictionary with you, the application can do the same if you store it on a USB Flash drive, because it's portable. It also means your computer's health status remains the same, with no entries added or modified in the registries.

Once the main window is up, all that's left to do is browse through the list of words to generate instant feedback. There are more that 35,000 words consisting of all kinds of parts of speech. This greatly comes in handy because the application is also packed with a verb conjugation feature which is implemented for all languages at your disposal.

Only a few languages implemented

The application is pretty quick, but this is only because it's packed with a few features. The list of words narrows down as you type, with all panels updating in real time. Multiple languages are displayed in the main window, as well as thesaurus and verb conjugation panel.

It gets a little difficult to analyze words if they have multiple meanings or synonyms. However, you can maximize each panel for a clearer view. You can switch between implemented languages any time, but the word you look up changes, which cuts off some degree of practicality.

What's more, the current version only lets you view meanings in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and English, which is a shame considering the amount of detail provided. An option to add your own dictionary or create it from scratch would have been more than welcome, but it's only a feature we're looking forward to seeing in future updates.

To sum it up

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that MLD – Multi Language Dictionary comes with good intentions and can greatly help you out to find the meaning of an abundance of words with synonyms and verb conjugation. It's portable, easy to use by anyone and with support for more languages it might just make it to the top.

MLD - Multi Language Dictionary was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 10th, 2015
MLD - Multi Language Dictionary - MLD - Multi Language Dictionary will provide users with 56 Dictionaries, Synonym, ConjugationMLD - Multi Language Dictionary - Users will be able to quickly and easily switch between dictionaries within the Extras menuMLD - Multi Language Dictionary - The Settings panel of the application will help you select the start loading dictionary

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