MS Word English To French and French To English Software

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A software utility specialized in the conversion of Microsoft Word documents from English to French and vice-versa, with support for both DOC and DOCX files

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Microsoft Word documents are an ideal way of storing and transferring large amounts of text, especially if you want to use advanced formatting on it. Thus, it can be inconvenient to handle the text outside the actual document, since many of your styling options are lost once you transfer it to another application.

Translate Word documents from French to English and vice-versa

MS Word English To French and French To English Software is a software solution designed to help you translate Word documents from French to English, as well as the other way around, by loading them directly into the application, without bringing any modification when it comes to formatting or text arrangement.

To that effect, the utility is able to recognize DOC and DOCX documents, regardless of the Microsoft Word version used to create them. In addition, after the translation is complete, the files can be saved to a custom location on your computer, by manually entering the output destination. The example files provided with the utility can also be used, in order to test the utility and verify the translation.

Use Google Translate API to convert the text

Despite what you might expect, the application does not actually translate the contents on its own. Alternatively, it connects to the Google Translate service and performs the conversion online, after which it creates a new document and saves the results. Due to this fact, you cannot make use of the utility without an API key, which must first be obtained from Google.

Furthermore, the Translate service provided by the aforementioned company is not free, which means that you need to pay in order for the API key to work and translate the documents. This can be inconvenient, especially if you do not have access to Internet on the device the application is installed. Moreover, before performing the conversion, you can test your API key and make sure it connects properly, to avoid any issues.

In conclusion

To sum it up, MS Word English To French and French To English Software provides you with a useful translation method, which unfortunately requires a lengthy setup and additional fees involving the Google Translate API key. Despite that, the intuitive and straightforward interface is very easy-to-use, as long as you get pass the configuration steps.

MS Word English To French and French To English Software was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 24th, 2014
MS Word English To French and French To English Software - The Microsoft Word files can be loaded into the main window of the application and translated to the desired language.

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