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A simple to use dictionary for your home education.

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Learning a new language can be difficult. Especially when it comes to an alphabet that is completely different from the one of the person learning it. Madhura English-Sinhala Dictionary is a small, very easy to use and pretty viable option for those who need help while trying to learn one of the two official languages in Sri Lanka.

One of the first advantages of this utility come from its high usability and clean interface. When you want to search for a word, you simply type it within the search field, and the app will provide you with all viable synonyms or definitions in its database.

The languages are inter-changeable, therefore you can equally search for a Sinhalese term and find out its closest English correspondents. Also, the basic morphological types are abbreviated and indicated in front of the searched term in Sinhalese.

One of the most interesting and entertaining functions of Madhura English-Sinhala Dictionary is the possibility to hyperlink in-between terms from one language to another. Once you search for the definition of an English term, for instance, you can click a random suggestion generated as a synonym and from there on, navigate through semantics towards enriching both your Sinhalese and English vocabulary.

Madhura English-Sinhala Dictionary can be used in addition to other materials as a go-to system for quickly finding out word definitions when learning Sinhalese, especially having that very simplistic interface offer it an impressively short response span

Madhura English-Sinhala Dictionary was reviewed by Alexandra Panaete
Last updated on June 20th, 2013
Madhura English-Sinhala Dictionary - Madhura English-Sinhala Dictionary allows you to translate from English to Sinhala and back.

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