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Using this simple and user-friendly application, you can quickly determine the existing letter combinations starting from a seed word

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MakeWordsX is an intuitive and efficient piece of software whose main function is to assist you in generating all the possible combinations based on the letters in a seed word that you provide.

Functioning requirements

After the download process, you can just decompress the archive and run the application. The package contains, aside from the executable file, a TXT labeled 'Wordlist' that comprises an extensive number of terms which serve as basis for the comparison that MakeWordsX runs.

While a word list is necessary for the program to run properly, it does not have to be the one included in the downloaded archive, so you very well have the option of creating your own TXT only with certain terms that you want.

Simple and practical appearance

MakeWordsX's interface is quite basic, with no impressive features about it. It is made up of several fields, corresponding to the 'Seed Word', 'Wordlist File', 'Minimum Length' and 'Output File'.

At the same time, you have the 'Make Words!' button which causes the word generating operation to start, displaying the results in the lower panel, while also being able to view its progress by means of the percentage field and the number of items left to check.

To get started, you can enter your 'Seed Word', then input the name of the 'Wordlist File', which needs to be in the same directory as MakeWordsX. Next, you can decide the 'Minimum Length' of the resulted words, and choose the 'Output File', which by default is exported to the same location as the utility.

After having completed these simple steps, you can click on the 'Make Words!' button and the application will compare the letters of your 'Seed Word' with the contents of the 'Wordlist', outputting the matching terms to the chosen file in a few minutes, enabling you to further work with them however you may need.

Useful anagram generator

To sum it up, MakeWordsX is a simple and handy tool which can successfully assist you in coming up with words based on the lettering variations of a user-defined term, exporting all the possible anagrams for you in little to no time.

MakeWordsX was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 15th, 2014
MakeWordsX - MakeWordsX is a simple application which offers you the means of discovering the existing letter combinations using a given word

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