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A software utility that enables you to view and create flash card quizzes, which have to be answered correctly in order to unlock the desktop

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Studying does not always come easy, especially if it is for something you are not really fond of. But, sometimes it is necessary and you can make use of various unconventional techniques to achieve the desired result.

Learn by taking flash card quizzes

Flash Card is an application that comes with a solution for these kind of situations, by employing a quiz-like approach to learning using simple, flash card-based questions to stimulate your memory. Besides the already provided questions sets regarding the Japanese alphabet, you can also create your own, complete with answers and images.

The distinguishing characteristic of the application is the ability to block the desktop screen until all the provided answers are correct, which should offer you the incentive you need in order to start studying. Unfortunately, although the flash cards cannot be skipped and there is no “Cancel” button, you can make use of the default window control buttons and close the quiz quite rapidly.

Create custom question sets using your own answers and images

In order to prepare for your own exams and tests, you can create new questions sets from scratch and add flash cards relevant to the subject you are trying to study. Each one contains the actual question text, an image and a field that holds the expected answer. Although there are no sensible limits to the answer character limit, you should devise them as short as possible, since you have to provide the exact same ones each time, not to mention they are also case-sensitive.

As far as the images go, they can be used to study foreign alphabets, in order to learn how to recognize various letters and words. The downside is that you have to manually enter the path to the desired picture, since the application does not allow you to browse the computer. This can be very time consuming if you have a large number of questions that need visual representation.


Despite some minor drawbacks, Flash Card is a useful application that can be successfully used as a study method. The easy-to-use interface and intuitive menus allow anyone to take advantage of its capabilities, without requiring any special computer skills.

Flash Card was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
Flash Card - You can view and edit the questions and their answers in the main window of the application.Flash Card - You can create your own flash card sets and add custom questions, images and answers to themFlash Card - In order to unlock the desktop, you have to correctly answer the questions posed by the flash cards.

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