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A simulation software for numerical techniques




Math Simulator is a handy and reliable software that comes in handy especially for math lovers who need to generate graphs, functions and results from the inputted values.

Developed as a Java application, the aforementioned software simulates various mathematical techniques. It helps you to quickly solve non-linear equations, calculate Spearman's rank correlation coefficients and save all the results along with the problem statement.
Last updated on June 30th, 2013
Math Simulator - The main window of Math Simulator enables you to input the values and generate graphs and equationsMath Simulator - With the help of Math Simulator you have the possibility to specify the values for the correlated variablesMath Simulator - You can navigate to the Interpolation tab if you want to interpolate functions and variablesMath Simulator - You can access the Integration tab if you want to apply the Trapezoidal rule for the selected function

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