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A collection of tools aimed at maths enthusiasts comprising a calculator, as well as plot utilities for functions with one or two variables

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MathLab consists of a set of three utilities that can help in day-to-day calculations, as well as for drawing 2D and 3D graphs for various functions.

Not to be confused with MATLAB, which is a much more advanced platform that deals with complex computing. We’ll admit, the name is a bit confusing, but the differences between the two are undeniable.

Don’t expect anything fancy from it, either in terms of appearance or functionality; taking into consideration that it hasn’t received updates since 2007, you’ll have to lower your expectations.

The application features a basic control panel from where the three components can be launched, with the observation that you can launch all of them if you need to (you won’t be restricted to a single module).

The first one, namely the Number Calculator is a rudimentary computing utility, allowing for basic arithmetic (additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions) and trigonometric (sin and cos) operations. Windows’ built-in calculator is light years ahead of it, just to give you a comparison term.

The second one is a grapher for functions with one variable, which will draw one or more user defined functions on a customizable axis configuration. If you need a 3D representation, use the two-variable plotter that draws upon your input with a preset drawing resolution.

All in all, MathLab leaves the impression of being designed in another era, judging by its poor and unfriendly approach. It may have been a breakthrough back in 2000, but fails to impress in every aspect now.

MathLab was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 18th, 2013
MathLab - MathLab's main form gives you quick and straight access to any of the 3 parts of the program: the number calculator or the two function managersMathLab - The Number Calculator of MathLab can deal easily with complex calculations and it is also very easy-to-useMathLab - The function manager with one variable also features a graphic representation of this mathematical issueMathLab - MathLab can deal with function with two variables too, featuring a 3d representation of this expression

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