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A powerful graphical editor for mathematical equations that bundles a rich collection of symbols and expressions, batch equation export, as well as an advanced ruler and automatic formatting

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If math isn't really your thing lately, MathType can lend you a hand in this respect, as this software solution has been specifically developed to work with text editors in order to make your life a lot easier.

In fact, MathType can get along with many more utilities as it works with pretty much with all word processors and any other type of program that offers you the possibility to write text in it.

Comprehensive suite of tools to work with

MathType is thus addressed to those people who need to work with math expressions on the fly, so it's no surprise that it comes with a very rich collection of symbols and expressions, batch equation export, a drag and drop equation editing function for instant modifications, as well as an advanced ruler and automatic formatting.

One of the things we found really impressive during our tests was the way it flirts with suites like Microsoft Office and With MathType you can opt for various styles like math, text, functions or variables and the great thing about this particular feature is that you can even customize and define a personal style in no time.

Configuration settings

When it comes to configuring the application's running settings, there are many preferences you can tinker with. They start with 'Cut and Copy' and include 'Web and GIF,' 'Workspace' or 'Equation' options.

An efficient graphical editor for mathematical equations

All in all, MathType does its job really well and comes with a strong feature pack that addresses the needs of all user types. Other advantages are the ease of use coupled with a detailed documentation that accompanies this program and make it suitable even for those less initiated in this kind of math software.

MathType was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
MathType - MathType will help you revolutionize the way you create print and web-based documents with mathMathType - The View menu will provide users with a list of options like Symbol / Template Palettes or Large / Small Tabbed BarMathType - Users will be able to access option such as Color, Line Spacing, Fence Alignment or Inline Equation within the Format menuMathTypeMathTypeMathTypeMathTypeMathTypeMathTypeMathTypeMathTypeMathType

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