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Math text editor for ordinary text and virtually any math expression.





Mathpad is an easy-to-use program for composing mathematical expressions. Math teachers can use Mathpad to produce quizzes, tests and handouts. In fact, the program was written with this goal in mind. Of course, anyone who needs to type mathematics will benefit from Mathpad.

The main utility of Mathpad is producing printed copy. However, you can save any portion of a Mathpad file, an ordinary text file, as a formatted image file. You can then easily put Mathpad's output into a web page or any other program. The samples page was produced in exactly this way.  Also, the banners at the top and left of this page are Mathpad images.

With most equation editors, you choose a template with the mouse, type a few keystrokes and then repeat the process. Mathpad doesn't work this way. Mainly, you just use the keyboard. Most people probably find this to be easier and faster.

Last updated on December 27th, 2006
Mathpad - Mathpad's main window displays the conversion between mathematic and macro formats.Mathpad - The Operators window is a quick way for a student to learn the text equivalents for mathematic operations.Mathpad - The Matrix Template allows users to enter data in the main menu in a math form by filling the drawn matrix with values.Mathpad - In the Macro Definitions users can quickly set predefined macros for their formulas.Mathpad - The Text Color window enables users to select different font colors.

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