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User-friendly ebook reader that offers support for bookmarks, highlighted words or phrases, custom drawings and text notes, as well as text-to-speech options

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Ebooks have gained lately a lot of popularity especially thanks to the numerous portable devices that support them. There are also several applications that bring the same features to desktop computers and one of them is Microsoft Reader.

Activation process

The first thing users notice after installing the application is that it requires computer activation to enable purchase and download of commercial ebooks. This step is not mandatory and it can be skipped without affecting the functionality of the software.

Reading capabilities

Users have the possibility to test the features of Microsoft Reader using its Help file, which is offered as a sample file for being explored without any limitations.

Once they start reading an ebook, users can add bookmarks that enable easy navigation to specific pages. This can be achieved by simply selecting a string of text and choose the corresponding option from the displayed context menu.

The same right-click menu can also be used to highlight important words or phrases that need to emphasized and be easily noticeable on the page.

Custom drawings and text notes

Additionally, users get the possibility to add freehand drawings to their files whenever they want to illustrate an idea or a concept. To the same purpose, one can insert text notes that are accessible from the sides of the page.

Exporting options and text-to-speech mode

Entire passages can be copied the traditional way (copy and paste using keyboard hotkeys) or by selecting a paragraph and using the "copy" command available in the context menu.

Last but surely not least, Microsoft Reader comes with a text-to-speech function, meaning that it can read aloud the text on the current page; it automatically moves to the next one when it reaches the end of the page. This can be useful for users that would rather listen to the information than read it; or if they are multi-tasking.

Bottom line

Overall, even if Microsoft Reader might take some time to get used to at the beginning, it is worth the trouble as its comprehensive customizations can make reading an ebook an entertaining and educative experience.

Microsoft Reader was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
Microsoft Reader - You can view the ebooks you currently have on your computer by accessing the Library section.Microsoft Reader - The Settings window enables you to change the text font size using the adjustable slider.Microsoft Reader - The right-click menu allows you to add bookmarks, highlights and copy the selected text.

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