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A classroom application that can assist teachers in making their class more interesting, while also helping students understand all the information much easier

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MimioStudio consists of a collection of tools ready to assist teachers in making their classes more interactive and interesting, while encouraging team work and collaboration amongst students. The application can be easily connected to MimioPad wireless pen tablets and iOS or Android devices using the MimioMobile app, allowing students to participate in activities during lessons.

Build lesson plans and encourage collaboration

Aiming to enhance the learning experience and provide efficient and interactive teaching, MimioStudio helps teachers hold presentations that really catch the attention of their students.

Thanks to the integrated Notebook application, teachers can build their lesson plan or presentation in a user-friendly environment and use the rich toolbox to focus on important aspects. In this regard, the 'spotlight' and the 'reveal' functions can be of great assistance, alongside screen annotations.

The 'Collaborate' feature enables students to take part in the presentation and express their opinions on the matter, while the 'quick vote' option helps the teacher get feedback from the audience. The 'Class Manager' enables them to easily connect a student's mobile phone to the application using QR codes.

Student grading system and report generating

The package also includes the MimioStudio Gradebook, which can be used by teachers to keep track of the student attendance, store test or homework grades and calculate the class average with ease. All the data can be then included in a comprehensive report and saved in HTML format.

Among the other tools in the bundle you can find the MimioStudio Gallery, which can organize photos, questions and responses, screen annotations and store data regarding all the conducted collaborative sessions.

A reliable classroom software assistant

With the help of MimioStudio, teachers can make sure that their message gets through to their students. It enables them to hold their presentation in a natural and interactive manner, while not losing from sight active student participation.

Furthermore, it can take place of a more traditional grading method, enabling teachers to quickly publish reports and make them available to the students.

MimioStudio was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 14th, 2015
MimioStudio - With the help of the MimioStudio Notebook, one can create memorable and interactive presentations for students.MimioStudio - MimioStudio Notebook enables you to manage presentation pages, change the background and access the photo gallery.MimioStudioMimioStudioMimioStudioMimioStudioMimioStudioMimioStudioMimioStudioMimioStudioMimioStudio - MimioStudio provides you with several tools that you can use during presentations, such as screen annotation tools and a desktop recorder.MimioStudioMimioStudioMimioStudioMimioStudio

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