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Use this lightweight and user friendly application to learn essential programming skills using a language derived from Turtle Logo.

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Mini Turtle Logo is an intuitive and easy to follow piece of software created to offer you the means of introducing you or your children into programming, enabling them to go through a series of lessons that will teach them the first steps.

The tool is based on Turtle Logo, a programming language for children, yet providing you with a few additional commands aside from the original utility.

Simple and straightforward usage

Mini Turtle Logo functions in full screen mode, the start screen allowing you to create a new user or select one from the drop down menu, if it is not the first time you are working with it.

The main window of the application features three main sections, namely ‘My Commands’, ‘Console’ and the working panel.

Effortlessly learn basic programming statements and commands

To get started, you will need to type the name of the lesson you want to go through, in the ‘Console’ panel of Mini Turtle Logo, for instance ‘Lesson 1’. A small window will appear and give you your first instructions and tips, taking you gradually from a simple to a more complex stage.

As you go through the seven built-in lessons, you will acquire a set of skills and knowledge which you can put into practice using the ‘New’ button. You will be able to assign your command a name, then begin writing or drag and dropping statements into the working window. These include ‘Fwd’, ‘Rot’, ‘PenSz’, ‘PenRGB’, ‘Repeat’, ‘If-Then’, ‘Clr’, ‘Home’ and others.

When complete, it can be exported or saved to Mini Turtle Logo, listing it under ‘My Commands’ and allowing you to play with it whenever you want, as well as further develop it, by resorting to the ‘Edit’ function.

A handy programming teacher

To conclude, Mini Turtle Logo is a useful and reliable piece of software created to assist you in learning the basics of computer programming, being addressed not only to children but also absolute beginners who feel the need to start from scratch.

Mini Turtle Logo was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 11th, 2014
Mini Turtle Logo - The start screen of Mini Turtle Logo allows you to create a new user or login with an existing oneMini Turtle Logo - In the main window, you can begin learning basic commands using the built-in lessonsMini Turtle Logo - In each lesson, a series of commands are exemplified for you to better understand and learnMini Turtle Logo - screenshot #4Mini Turtle Logo - screenshot #5

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