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Easily and securely manage all your Bitcoin wallets, transfer currency to other users and perform transactions with the help of this application

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With an increasing number of merchants that accept it as a valid payment method, Bitcoin's popularity has slowly, but surely increased, and along with it, so did the request for software solutions that can keep track of transactions. One example is MultiBit HD, a simplistic application that can help you manage the content of multiple wallets, initiate and monitor transfers in a secure environment.

Encrypt and password-protect your Bitcoin wallets

MultiBit HD can work with both Trezor hardware wallets and virtual ones. Its creates secure cloud backups for the latter using popular services, just as a precautionary measure to help you restore data when needed.

The data is encrypted, and the wallet is protected by so-called 'wallet words' and an automatically generated datestamp, which are required to access it and perform restore operations. If you forget your password, you can recover it by providing the wallet words.

Monitor the balance, perform transactions and transfers

The content of a selected wallet is displayed in the main window, enabling you to easily switch to another one. The forthright interface comprises details regarding your wallet's balance in Bitcoins and its approximate value in US dollars, as well as information about payments, transfers, and contacts.

MultiBit HD enables you to initiate new transactions, ensuring the security of all transfers. You can easily send any number of Bitcoins to another user, provided you know their address (which is an automatically generated sequence of letters and numbers of more than 30 characters long).

A secure Bitcoin wallet management tool

MultiBit HD brings together everything you need to easily manage your Bitcoin portfolio, organize accounts and perform transactions. It is easy to configure and does not require advanced knowledge.

It can also be used for signing or verifying messages by confronting signatures with your address. You can track transactions and manage all your wallets, view and initiate payments without worrying about security.

MultiBit HD was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 11th, 2015
MultiBit HD - MultiBit HD's main window makes it possible for you to manage all sent and requested transactionsMultiBit HD - The Payments tab enables you to view all transaction types, their creation date and the amount of transferred moneyMultiBit HD - The application makes it possible for you to create a database and add or edit  contactsMultiBit HD - screenshot #4MultiBit HD - screenshot #5MultiBit HD - screenshot #6MultiBit HD - screenshot #7MultiBit HD - screenshot #8MultiBit HD - screenshot #9MultiBit HD - screenshot #10MultiBit HD - screenshot #11MultiBit HD - screenshot #12MultiBit HD - screenshot #13MultiBit HD - screenshot #14MultiBit HD - screenshot #15MultiBit HD - screenshot #16MultiBit HD - screenshot #17

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