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Easily and securely manage all your Bitcoin wallets, send Bitcoins to other users and perform transactions with the help of this multilingual application

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With an increasing number of merchants that accept it as a valid payment method, Bitcoin's popularity has slowly, but surely increased and along with it, so did the request for software solutions that can keep track of transactions. One example is MultiBit, a simplistic application that can help you manage the content of multiple wallets, initiate and monitor transfers.

The forthright interface comprises a list of all your wallets, together with their description and the Bitcoin amount they contain. The total balance is also displayed, along with the current Bitcoin rate, the buying and the selling prices on MtGox or other exchange you choose.

MultiBit enables you to initiate new transactions, ensuring the security of all transfers. You can easily send any number of Bitcoins to another user, provided you know their address (which is an automatically generated sequence of letters and numbers of more than 30 characters long).

Each operation can be assigned a custom label for easier identification. It is also possible to view statistical data concerning the evolution of your Bitcoin balance in the past month.

Wallets can be protected using a custom password in order to prevent unauthorized transactions from taking place. A protected wallet cannot be accessed without the password and there are no options to recover the key if you forget it.

MultiBit can also be used for signing or verifying messages by confronting its signature with your address, importing and exporting private keys. Also, it integrates with running browsers in order to automatically take over Bitcoin payment requests that you click on.

MultiBit brings together everything you need in order to easily manage your Bitcoin portfolio, organize accounts and perform transactions. It is easy to configure and does not require advanced knowledge.
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Last updated on March 6th, 2014

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MultiBit - The main window of MultiBit enables users to send Bitcoins using the QR code they selectMultiBit - Users can access the Preferences tab when they want to adjust the font type and the transaction feeMultiBit - The Preferences tab is the place where you can change the currency used within MultiBitMultiBitMultiBitMultiBit

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