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A simple application whose main purpose is to help you keep track of various important information, such as addresses, login credentials or phone numbers

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My Data is a lightweight and intuitive software solution whose main purpose is to offer you customizable means of organizing your important information, allowing you to set the topic name, with up to four different parameters each.

Following a brief and uneventful installation process, the application places a shortcut on your desktop, enabling you to launch My Data in just a few moves.

The straight-forward interface is quite simple to understand and work with, requiring very little experience with computers.

In the main window of My Data, you can enter the topic name and the title for as many as four different columns. You can add as many topics as you want, because you are not restricted by anything else than the number of characters, fifteen at most.

After inputting the topic and column names, you can press the 'Add Topic' button. If you wish to make any alternations, you can selected the targeted entry, modify the information, then press the 'Update' button.

Subsequently, you can 'Use' each topic and enter the data you want under each column name, with the first, second and fourth supporting up to twenty-five characters, while in the third you can write as much as eighty letters or numbers.

When are done inputting the information you want to organize, you have the option of printing it, so you can always have a copy at hand, even when you are not in front of your PC. My Data can be used to manage login credentials for various websites, phone numbers, addresses, contact details of friends and family, instructions on how to take your medicine, and many others, depending on your needs.

To conclude, My Data is a useful program that can successfully assist you in sorting all your important information into topics or categories, keeping all relevant details in a single place.

My Data was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 20th, 2014
My Data - My Data is a simple application that enables you to group all our relevant information based on topicsMy Data - The dedicated window enables you to fill in the details for each of the four available columnsMy Data - From the Edit menu of the application, you can cut, copy, paste or delete a certain element

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