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A simple, yet efficient application that provides the possibility to create a list of all the books in your library so that you can keep better track of them

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My Library is a program that can keep tabs on your book collection, able to store information such as title, author and a short gist, while also providing possibilities to quickly locate a certain book through a search function.

Unlike similar products, My Library does not rely on a complicated architecture, nor does it depend on a database server, like we’ve often seen in this type of programs. Instead, it stores the records inside a simple list, which can be printed later on or saved in text format.

My Library is incredibly easy to setup and use, as deployment is a matter of a few clicks. The interface lacks eye-candying graphics, but remains intuitive throughout your whole experience with it.

Most of the GUI is dedicated to the list of stored books, with no limit to the number of records, whatsoever. Lower in the main window, there are a few fields that make it possible to insert in a new book to the list.

The necessary details for a new record are title, author(s), medium (for instance, e-book or hardcover) and an option to add a gist (for those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to a short description of the book). You can also take a screenshot of the current list and share it with your friends, as well as to export or print it.

A book can be marked as read, so to say, when you've finished reading it by checking a dedicated box. There’s also a search function that allows you to locate a record quickly (in case the library is over populated) based on a word inside its title or its author.

To sum up, My Library is a fairly simple program that fulfills a rather common purpose. It could use a more appealing interface and the possibility to attach a picture to each record, for instance a book cover or a photo of the author.

My Library was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 7th, 2014
My Library - The main window of My Library displays a list of all the books you've recorded so far.My Library - From the File menu of My Library, users will be able to print an existent list of books.

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