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Learn the fundamentals of music and create your own audio masterpiece in this user friendly and fun educational piece of software

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Music is more than a random arrangement of sounds that please the ear. The theory of music takes you on a tour and teaches you how specific sounds are placed to get not only something good, but great. O-Generator is an application specially designed to enhance audio lessons with a unique visual experience.

Clever designed and easy to use

Once it launches, your whole screen is occupied by a user friendly interface fitted with buttons that inevitably bring you to a circle of music. Two things need to be taken care of though, you need to choose the backing instruments then the lead. A wide selection list is available so you can explore different styles of music.

Depending on your choice, a number of layers are displayed in a circle, each one representing a specific instrument. Clicking your way through reveals notes that are only heard once you hit “Play”, or you can simply edit your song after pressing the button.

There are countless notes, each with different styles and effects, and the default selection method is a little difficult to work with, having them all enlisted would have made things much easier.

Make music the fun way

Truth be told, it's got a catchy style to it that keeps your eyes glued to the screen and your ears focused. If you plan on learning to play an instrument, it's a neat way to learn notes and what they sound like.

There is also an implemented fully voiced tutorial that gets you up and running in no time, and several samples, in case you don't want to spent too much time to get to know the application.

A few sliders let you control the pan and volume for each instrument, as well as the possibility to completely disable them. The color scheme can be changed to some of the presets, in case the default one doesn't feel inspiring.

In conclusion

To sum it up, O-Generator is a fun experience overall. The vast instrument and sound library make sure there is always something new to experiment, while the unique visuals keep your eyes as delighted as your ears. Whether you feel like making music, or looking for a fun way to spend some time, give this utility a try.

O-Generator was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
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