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You can use this simple and efficient piece of software to write text using symbols and special characters using the old Slavonic language

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PISMO is an interesting and useful software solution that was designed to provide you with the means to write texts in old Slavonic, using several varieties of the language, while also allowing you to use diacritics, where required.

The program is fairly simple to understand and work with, featuring a large window and a very basic interface. When launching the tool, you can select the 'Text Entry' type that you want to work with, from three distinct options, namely 'Traditional', 'Phonetic' and 'Glagolitic', whichever best suits your needs.

After choosing the 'Text Entry', PISMO displays a virtual keyboard with the various Slavonic symbols assigned to a key on your computer keyboard. As such, you can simply press on the corresponding button or you can use your mouse and click on the characters you want to enter.

At the same time, the application also allows you to import text from HTML or RTF format documents, useful particularly if you are dealing with larger texts and it would take you too long to enter them by hand.

PISMO enables you to set the preferred font and its size or 'Lock' the screen, preventing any modifications from being made by mistake, while you are not paying attention or when you leave your desktop. The utility even features 'Diacritics' which you can access by clicking on the assigned button and selecting the item you want to enter. When you complete writing your text, you can export the created file to HTML or RTF, for further editing or printing.

To summarize, PISMO is a useful application developed to offer language students or professors the proper tools to type messages or texts using the characters of old Slavonic church writings, with nothing but their PC and a regular keyboard or mouse.

PISMO was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 27th, 2014
PISMO - he dedicated window enables you to choose the type of text entry you prefer, be it phonetic, glagolitic or traditionalPISMO - You can begin typing your text using the proper characters or you can import the text you want to work withPISMO - screenshot #3PISMO - screenshot #4PISMO - The main window of PISMO allows you to start using the old church Slavonic typewriter

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