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A simple and easy to use application functioning as a game meant to assist children in learning the chemical elements for efficiently

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Periodic Table is a useful piece of software developed to work as a teaching tool that can help children and students learn the chemical elements more easily.

The application features a fun and colorful interface, which is justifiable since it addresses children primarily. From the main window, users can choose to 'Play' a new game or 'Load a Saved Game' in order to continue where they left off.

In order to play the game, children need to click (or 'Shoot') the correct element whose name is displayed at the top of the window. For getting the right answers, users gain points, while also receiving bonuses depending on how fast they click on the right element. At the same time, if users pick the wrong item they will not lose points and Periodic Table will provide them with the accurate response.

The game advances one period (or line) at a time, and when finished it prompts users to choose whether to move on to the 'Next Period', 'Try Period Again' in case they are unsatisfied with their results' or go to the 'High Score Table' to view their total points. Additionally, they can save the current game, in case they wish to quit now and resume later on from the same location and keep the score they managed to get.

Moreover, if children choose to play the game more than once, Periodic Table displays the elements in a different order, so as to prevent users from learning the shooting pattern instead of paying attention to the chemical elements and their location on the table.

To conclude, Periodic Table is a helpful utility that can successfully assist educators in teaching children the basics of chemistry through fun and entertaining games, and they will not even feel they are making effort.

Periodic Table was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 9th, 2014
Periodic Table - Periodic Table is a simple application that allows users to learn easily the chemical elementsPeriodic Table - Users are supposed to 'shoot' the elements as they are called out at the top of the window, which gains them pointsPeriodic Table - In the High Scores window, users can view all previous players and the number of points they obtainedPeriodic Table - screenshot #4

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