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Simple program to help you track pet adoption records.





PetATrac is a Simple & Powerful Program designed to help you Track Your Pet Adoption Records for both Dogs and Cats.

Each pet record contains detailed information about the pet and its owner and can include a photo of the pet. The pet records can be searched, sorted, and printed by dog or cat name, owner name, adoption date, pet ID, and dog or cat breed. The dog and cat records can be viewed together or separately. The sharing of the owner database makes it easy to add a new pet to a previous dog or cat owner.

Entering pet information is quick and easy; simply select pet's breed, color, size, age, sex, spayed/neutered, and declawed or cropped/docked. PetaTrac includes 241 dog breed types, 65 cat breed types, 34 dog colors and 29 cat colors. In addition, you will have the possibility to assign a pet ID, add a pet photo, and enter notes for each record.

PetATrac allows you to select, sort, and output your data to a text file for viewing/printing, or to a comma-delimited file that can be imported into a spreadsheet. PetATrac also includes both automatic and manual program backups and a log file of record changes.
Last updated on May 26th, 2009
PetATrac - This is the main window of PetATrac where you can explore all the records you have on cats and dogs.

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