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A straightforward and efficient tool that is able to offer animated GIFs accompanied by theoretical information on various physics notions

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Physics Animations is a lightweight and easy to use piece of software which aims to serve an educational purpose, by helping you better understand various physics concepts through GIF animations, as well as more detailed explanations.

Simple and intuitive usage

Subsequent to the download process, you can decompress the archive and get started right away, as the tool comes in the shape of a HTML file, so there is no need to install it on your computer.

As a result, you can store it on a USB stick or other such removable memory devices, carrying it with you wherever you need, be it at home or at school and benefiting from its explanations at any moment.

Learn more about physics concepts through explanations and animations

Physics Animations features several different categories of ‘lessons’, specifically ‘Waves’, ‘Optics’, ‘Mechanics’, ‘Thermodynamics’ and ‘Electricity’, as well as ‘Science’s 10 Most Beautiful Experiments’.

The ‘Waves’ category offers you a great deal of information about longitudinal and transverse waves, interference of waves on a water surface, generation of acoustic wave by a loudspeaker, Doppler effect or Fourier series, enabling you to better understand them, due to the visual element provided by the animations.

In the ‘Optics’ section, you can learn about the atomic force of the microscope, the Fresnel formulas, linearly and elliptically polarized light, Fraunhofer diffraction and several others, while the ‘Mechanics’ category teaches you about gyroscopes, ballistic pendulum, oscillation or Galileo’s experiments.

Moreover, the ‘Thermodynamics’ category teaches you about Brownian motion and Boltzman distribution or molecular structures, while in the ‘Electricity’ section, you can discover more about Rutherfor’s experiment, as well as various notions about submolecular particles.

A user-friendly physics manual

To conclude, Physics Animations is an interesting and reliable learning tool that can successfully assist you in expanding your knowledge of physics phenomena, enabling you to understand the proposed concepts through the use of GIFs.

Physics Animations was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 18th, 2014
Physics Animations - You may select any of the physical domains available to see lot of animations and data about the corresponding processesPhysics Animations - If you work off-line one-frame images appear instead of videos. but you still have access to a lot of information.Physics Animations - A lot of topics are available from each of the 5 important physical domains: optics, mechanics, waves, thermodynamics and electricity.

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