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A little PI calculation software build up for first calculating PI to any decimal needed

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As its name implies, Pi Calculation Speed Test provides you with lightweight tool that can test your CPU's capacity to calculate Pi with as many decimals as possible. Initially designed as a simple calculator for the Pi number, this benchmarking application can record the calculation time and help you compare the results with those obtained by similar computer configurations.

The main interface is clean and well-organized, enabling you to start the speed test with just a click. The application provides support for multiple calculation methods, including John Machin's formula, the Leibniz infinite serie or the Monte Carlo algorithm, which are popular techniques for computing Pi to a large number of digits.

Once you start the benchmarking test, you are advised to avoid mouse movements or keyboard input during the process. The application priority is set to highest, in order to ensure that the results are really conclusive. The calculation time is determined for each computing method and the total time is also displayed.

The generated results can be uploaded online, in order to compare the processing time of your CPU with other results, obtained by other application users. Therefore, you can identify if your PC's capabilities are above or below other similar computers and view your position in the online result top, for each computing method.

The operating system type, the processor model, speed and other specifications are automatically detected by Pi Calculation Speed Test, but you can enter a custom user name and computer description. However, during our tests, the application failed to load some of the results and did not detect the operating system type correctly.

All in all, Pi Calculation Speed Test can be used for timing your CPU's capabilities of computing a large number of digits or simply calculating the Pi number with a large number of decimals (over 11,000).

Pi Calculation Speed Test was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on April 8th, 2013
Pi Calculation Speed Test - Pi Test is a benchmarking toy that was build up from first trying to calculate PI as many decimals as possible.Pi Calculation Speed Test - With Pi Test, the benchmarking results can be uploaded on the website for comparing with other results of the toy application.

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