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A simple and user-friendly application whose main purpose is to help you create simple two-dimensional plans of various buildings or rooms

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Plan Maker is an intuitive and easy to handle piece of software whose main purpose is to provide you with the proper tools to create basic house plans with the least amount of effort possible.

Following an uneventful installation process, you can launch the application from your start menu. It launches in full screen mode, and does not allow you to resize the window, only to minimize it to the task bar.

The start screen of Plan Maker requires you to click on the 'Make A Plan' button in order to begin working with it. From there, you can either create a new design or open an existing GOP format file.

The utility enables you to draw simple lines which are meant to represent a building's walls, but you can use the 'Window' and 'Door' buttons to add the corresponding elements to the plan, without having to create them yourself. Note that the tool only allows you to draw straight lines, so you cannot add curves or ellipses to your plan.

Plan Maker lets you add furniture and other decorative elements in your design by using the 'Clipart' section, where you can browse through the various objects and choose the ones you like, then click on the 'Add' button and place it wherever you want on the drawing.

The application also features an 'Eraser' that lets you delete certain lines, while the 'Undo' button enables you to reverse a previous action. Plan Maker allows you to choose whether to view measurements or not as well as pick the units between meters, centimeters and millimeters. Similarly, you can select to view the grid or not.

To conclude, Plan Maker is a simple program with limited functions, aimed mainly for educational purposes, as a means of helping students create basic buildings plans.

Plan Maker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 5th, 2014
Plan Maker - Plan Maker is a simple tool that enables you to create graphic plans for various buildingsPlan Maker - The utility features a Clipart library that you can use to add furniture in the building that you design

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