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An application that allows you to view information about planet positions, constellations and the moon phase depending on the day of the year

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If you are passionate about the Universe, then you are sure to already know a lot of data about the planets and the stars nearby. Asynx Planetarium is a nice app that was designed to help you view the night sky layout along the ages.

The program has a simple interface that shouldn’t be difficult to figure out.

The app allows you to see the brightest 2500 stars, 88 constellations and all the planets for the Solar System. The moon phase may also be tracked through the years, back to 1600 AD and up to 9999 AD.

The app comes with three different view-points that can be modified easily, namely horizontal, geocentric and heliocentric. The central spot can be moved to a few locations from all over the planet. It’s also possible to modify the geographical longitude and latitude.

If you want to find out more details regarding a certain planet, star or constellation, you only need to click on it and read the data card. It includes the name of the body, the distance from the Sun, temperature and rotation period, to name just a few.

The bottom line is that Asynx Planetarium is a great app that is sure to make all astronomy enthusiasts quite happy. Less experienced users should find the program easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout and its overall simplicity.

Asynx Planetarium was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on May 19th, 2014
Asynx Planetarium - The main window displays the position and coordinates of the Sun and planets, depending on the date.Asynx Planetarium - By accessing the View menu of the application, you can switch the perspective between geocentric and heliocentric.Asynx Planetarium - You can update the displayed data according to the current settings and access the preferences from the Config menu.Asynx Planetarium - screenshot #4Asynx Planetarium - screenshot #5Asynx Planetarium - screenshot #6Asynx Planetarium - screenshot #7Asynx Planetarium - screenshot #8Asynx Planetarium - screenshot #9Asynx Planetarium - screenshot #10

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